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MASTER BUILDER #5000 Assortment
(SAE Sizes)

**** You will also receive our Bonded Washer Assortment #BW93 Free of charge with this Master Assortment!

Imagine having all this hardware at your fingertips! (A much needed alternative from the usual offering of "4 screws for a dollar")!

The convenience of having this variety of hardware at your disposal is really awesome.Here you will find all of the most commonly used hardware in model building. Just about any fastener you need will be there for the picking!

This NEW and improved Master Assortment has it all...and, it was designed by experienced modelers,so you have just the right mix of hardware for your building projects. Owning this assortment is like having your own private hobbyshop available day and night!

Four organizers and a high quality Telescoping
Pick-Up Tool are included to keep things in order!
(Please scroll down to see the long list of contents) Please note: Hardware for all assortments come in clearly labeled zip lock bags ready to be loaded into the organizers.

Please click here to see a suggested layout for
the Master Assortment using the included organizers.

Included Telescoping Magnet holding a Servo Screw

MASTER BUILDER (SAE Sizes) ASSORTMENT #5000 with 4 organizers.
  Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 5000
Price: $285.00

***** Please Note: Bonus Item! Our Bonded Washer Assortment #BW93 is now included with the purchase of this Assortment....So no need to purchase it separately!)

This is the ultimate SAE (American Sizes) model building fastener assortment!
2,086 pieces. Complete with 4 fully adjustable latched and hinged organizers
 and a Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool.

    Socket Head Cap Screws:
  • 2-56x1/4"           24pcs
  • 2-56x3/8"           24pcs
  • 2-56x1/2"           24pcs
  • 2-56x3/4"           24pcs
  • 2-56x1"              12pcs

  • 4-40x1/4"           24pcs
  • 4-40x3/8"           24pcs
  • 4-40x1/2"           24pcs
  • 4-40x5/8"           24pcs
  • 4-40x3/4"           24pcs
  • 4-40x1"              24pcs
  • 4-40x1-1/4"       12pcs
  • 4-40x1-1/2"       12pcs

  • 6-32x1/2"           24pcs
  • 6-32x5/8"           24pcs
  • 6-32x3/4"           24pcs
  • 6-32x1"              24pcs
  • 6-32x1-1/4"       12pcs
  • 6-32x1-1/2"       12pcs

  • 8-32x3/4"           12pcs
  • 8-32x1"              12pcs
  • 8-32x1-1/4"       12pcs
  • 8-32x1-1/2"       12pcs

    Nylon Insert Lock Nuts:

  • 2-56                    50pcs
  • 4-40                  100pcs
  • 6-32                  100pcs
  • 8-32                    50pcs

    Hex Nuts:

  • 2-56                  100pcs
  • 4-40                  100pcs
  • 6-32                  100pcs
  • 8-32                    50pcs

    Blind Nuts:

  • 2-56                  12pcs
  • 4-40                  50pcs
  • 6-32                  50pcs
  • 8-32                  50pcs

    Servo Mounting Screws ("The screw with a million uses"):

  • #2x7/16"             24pcs
  • #2x9/16"             24pcs

    Miniature Brass Pan Head Phillips Wood Screw:

  • 0x1/4"                50pcs

    Button Head Socket Drive Sheet Metal:

  • #2x3/8"              24pcs
  • #2x1/2"              24pcs
  • #4x1/2"              24pcs
  • #4x3/4"              24pcs

    Flat Washers:

  • #0                      50pcs
  • #2                    100pcs
  • #4                    100pcs
  • #6                    100pcs
  • #8                      50pcs

    Lock (Split) Washers:

  • #2                    100pcs
  • #4                    100pcs
  • #6                    100pcs
  • #8                      50pcs

    Total Pieces =   2,232 Plus four Adjustable Organizers with
    18 compartments each, and one Telescoping
    Magnetic Pick-UP Tool.
         Clck here see our "ProHold" Ball Drivers that match this Master Assortment

Please note that this Master Assortment contains American (SAE) size Hardware. Because of their wide usage, you may also want to consider a really good set of metric hardware.
Please click here to see our Complete Metric Assortment