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Manufacturers of servos have not made it easy when it comes to replacing servo horn (arm) screws. There are a bewildering number of different screw sizes, and many will fit different brand servos. For instance, the popular Futaba screws will fit many other brands. It's often a situation of trying different screws to see which one fits. Honestly, unless you know for sure what size you need, I would recommend you get the assortment #AS47 as shown below and pick the screw that best fits the servo!

If you scroll down, you will see a good reference for the screws needed for different servos. Even if you don't see your particular servo listed below, there is still a chance that one of the screws in our assortment pack will work. While we do not have every screw, we do have a selection of some of the more popular sizes.

After entering the number of packages that you want for each item, simply click the "Add To Basket" button.

Click here to see the ever popular Servo Mounting Screws (The screw with a million uses!),

Servo Horn (Arm) Screws</P>

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Code Name   Price Quantity
AS47 Servo Horn (arm) Screw Assortment $14.78
HS2205 M2.2x5 Servo Horn Pan Phillips for metal gear....4pcs   $2.46
PPH2605 M2.6x5 Servo Horn Pan Phillips for metal gear....4pcs   $2.46
HS-2608 M2.6x8 Servo Horn Pan Phillps for metal gear....4pcs   $2.46
HS3006 M3x6 Servo Horn Socket Head Cap for metal gear....4pcs   $1.21
HS3008 M3x8 Servo Horn Socket Head Cap for metal gear....4pcs   $1.21
HS3010 M3x10 Servo Horn Socket Head Cap for metal gear....4pcs   $1.21
NG2305 M2.3x5 Servo Horn Pan Phillips for nylon gear....4pcs   $2.46
NG2608 M2.6x8 Servo Horn Pan Phillips for nylon gear....4pcs   $2.46
NG3006 M3x6 Servo Horn Pan Phillips for nylon gear....4pcs   $2.46

Hitec Servo Horn Screw Types & Sizes:
Please note: Our product HS2205 and HS2608 are the same screws that are included in Hitec product #55802

Hitec Metal Gear
Standard Machined Servo Screws 2.6mm x 5 mm & 8 mm Phillip-head screws are for the following Servos:
HS-225MG, HS-525MG, HS-625MG, HS-645MG, HS-705MG, HS-925MG, HS-945MG, HS-5245MG, HS5625MG, HS-5645MG, HS-5745MG, HS-5925MG, HS-5945MG, HS-5955TG, HS-5995TG, HS-5996TG, HS-5997TG, HS-5998TG, HS-7955TG.

Small machined screws, 2.2 x 5 mm Phillip-head screws will fit HS-65MG, HS-81MG, HS-85MG, HS-125MG.
NB: Never use red Loctite. Liquid Thread Lock should be used sparingly.
JIS - Japanese Industrial Standard

Hitec Screw for Resin Gear
2.6 x 8mm for standard servos, 2.2 x 5mm for small servo.

Karbonite HS-755HB, 635HB, 485HB 2.6 x 10 mm
HS-325HB 2.6 x 8 mm
HS-65HB, 56HB, A5076HB 2.3 x 8 mm

HS-35/45/50/55/5055MG Hitec Servo 1.7 x 3.0 mm horn screw

Hitec 8*** series servo have 25T spline and 3mm horn screw.

Hitec Servo Nomenclature & Ball Bearing Sizes extract:
Hitec RC Ball Bearing Sizes and part numbers for all Hitec servo as at 12Nov12
Micro Servo Ball Bearings:
. 7mm OD x 4mm ID x 2.0mm width = MR74 (e.g. HS-45HB = MR74)
. 8mm OD x 5mm ID x 2.5mm width = MR85 (e.g. HS-56 & HS-65 = MR85)
Universal Servo Ball Bearing
. 10mm OD x 6mm ID x 2.5mm Width = MR106 (e.g. HS-5245MG = MR106)
Big Ball Bearing
. 14mm OD x 8mm ID x 3.5mm Width = MR14 (for HS-805BB & HS-815BB)
================================================== ====

Futaba Servo Horn Screw Types & Sizes:

. Futaba Micro Mini Servo - Nylon Output Shaft = Small Tapped Screws
Diameter: 1.80mm (0.07") Length: 4.20 mm (0.16")

. Futaba S33 and S133 Servos - Nylon Output Shaft = Tapped Screws
Diameter: 2.60mm (0.10") Length: 5mm (0.19")

. Futaba Small MG Horn Screws - Small Machined Screws.
Diameter: 2.00mm (0.08") Length: 4.4 (0.16") Washer Diameter: 4.4mm (0.17")

. Futaba Servo Horn Screws - Nylon Output Shaft = Standard Tapped Screws:
Diameter: 2.60mm (0.10") Length: 8mm (0.31")
S28 S128 S136 S9001
S29 S129 S138 S9102
S30 S130 S148 S9202
S31 S130G S3001 S9301
S32 S131 S3003 S9304
S34G S132 S5101 S9403
S35 S134G S9601
S48 S135
I personally tested the above screw in a Futaba S3010 and it fits perfectly. Seems to be a very popular size for nylon gear servos. Our product #NG2608 Rich

. Futaba Servo Horn Screw - Metal Output Shaft = Standard Machined Screws.
Diameter: 2.60mm (0.10") Length: 5mm (0.19")
S3002 S9203 S9302
S3102 S9204 S9303
S3302 S9205 S9402
S3801 S9206 S9404 S9405

. Futaba Horn Screw - Nylon Output Shaft = Standard Tapped Screws
Diameter: 2.60.10mm (0.10") Length: 10.00mm (0.39")
S9401 S9102 S134 S136G
S9403 S9202 S9301 S3104 S9201

. Futaba Servo Horn Screw - S125 Sail Servo = Standard Machined Screw.
Diameter: 2.00mm (0.08") Length: 6.00 mm (0.23")

. Futaba Servo S3150 Horn Screw
Diameter: 3.00mm (0.12") Length: 6.00 mm (0.23")

. Futaba Servo S9150 Horn Screw - Standard Machined Screw.
Diameter: 2.80mm (0.11") Length: 8.00 mm (0.31")

. Futaba Servo Horn Screw Standard Machined Screw for S9152, 9155 & S9550
Diameter: 3.00mm (0.12") Length: 8mm (0.31")

JR Metal gear. Many JR Metal gear servo's use M3x8 screws
JR Plastic Gear M3x6, M3x8, M3x10