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Testimonials and Reviews

Printed with the permission of Mr. Paul Thill of Napa, California.

"I just wanted to write back and say thank you. I recently placed an order with you for your Master Builder, metric, and giant scale assortments.

While I was waiting for the glue to dry on the wing of my PT-19 I decided to add two more fasteners to the cowling on my Funtana S .40. When I removed the cowling I found the extra vibration was being caused by a broken screw on the engine mount. It was so cool to be able to switch the engine and the cowling hardware to the next size up by just opening my case and selecting which fasteners would work best for my needs....
and I didn't have stop what I was doing and drive 20 miles(round trip) for the parts. I'm already convinced this was a great purchase. I can't wait to put more of them to use."

Thank you for everything,
Paul Thill

Master Builder Hardware Assortment #5000

    by Gerry Yarrish, Model Airplane News Magazine:

Let’s face it: regardless of which type or size of model airplane we build and fly, we RC nuts all depend on hardware. The nuts and bolts and other fasteners that hold our models together are as important as water is to fish! But wouldn’t you know it? Most of the special sizes and types of hardware aren’t readily available at local hardware stores. True, you can purchase what you need in low-count packages at a hobby shop, but stocking your workshop in this way can be expensive. What’s needed is a large assortment of common items selected especially for modelers. That’s where RTL Fasteners comes in.

The Master Builder Assortment no. 5000 package includes four adjustable containers and 2,124 pieces of hardware, including socket head cap screws , nylon-insert locknuts, hex nuts, blind nuts, servo-mounting screws, pan-head Phillips-head sheet-metal screws, button-head socket-drive sheet-metal screws, flat washers and lock split washer. Screw sizes include nos.0, 2, 4 , 6 and 8 and bolt sizes range from 2-56 up to 8-32 with lengths of ¼ inch to 1 ½ inches. If purchased separately at retail level, all this hardware would cost about $360.00!

If you drop any of these little fasteners, a telescoping magnetic pick-up tool will grab them for you. No more evening trips to the hobby shop to finish that last project for the night! This complete hardware assortment pack is just what every well-equipped modeler needs.

Gerry Yarrish…..Model Airplane News, September, 2006

“Wow,… got my 1st order very quickly. Thank you very much for your quick response. I looked my shipment over and everything looks great “Top Quality”.
Jon B. from Delaware

“Thank you and it is nice to see that “customer service” is alive and well at RTL.”
Ed from Florida

“Having just gotten back into flying RC, I too suffer the problem of not having what you need, when you need it and at times, not really knowing what you need. That all ended when I read the Product review of the Master Builder’s Assortment, done by Mr. Gordon Banks, in RC Report magazine. …..Again, Thank You for thinking of and taking care of us little guys out in the field. Please consider me a customer for life.”
John L. from Georgia

From the October 2006 issue of Model Aviation Magazine

Many of us have at one time or another needed a bolt, washer, or nut, only to find that in order to afford them they had to be bought in a huge quantity. RTL Fasteners has come up with a solution geared toward our hobby. It has put manageable quantities of popular- size hardware together in a unique package.

The Master Hardware Assortment features a wide selection of socket-head cap screws, nylon insert lock nuts, hex nuts, blind T-nuts, servo mounting screws, pan head Phillips sheet-metal screws, button-head socket-drive sheet-metal screws, flat washers, and split washers to suit the typical modeler. Also included are four locking plastic storage containers and a telescoping magnetic pickup tool.

Each type and size of hardware comes in various sizes. Some types range from 2-56 x ¼ inch up to 8-32 x 1 ½ inches. Each size and type comes prepackaged in its own re-closable polybag .

Master Builder Assortment #5000 has 2,127 pieces total. RTL also has assortments featuring other items including metric threads.         Model Aviation magazine, October, 2006

Great products, great folks, great service……thanks!”
Ernie from Pennsylvania

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