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Socket Screws Black Alloy
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Nuts ....Standard Stainless
Nuts....Metric Stainless

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Washers....Metric Zinc
Washers....Standard Stainless
Washers....Metric Stainless

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Du-Bro Products Click here for Sullivan products

Many of our customers have said it would be convenient if they could purchase some of the popular Du-Bro and Sullivan products while they were on our website shopping for our core products (model building fasteners). So we are now offering these products as a courtesy to our valued customers.

Wholesale Orders: Please note that we are unable to provide dealer/wholesale discounts on Sullivan and DuBro products. All other coupon discounts will be given.
Du-Bro Products

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Code Name   Price Quantity
DUB103 Strip Aileron Horn Connectors $3.63
DUB105 Large Nylon Horns $2.62
DUB107 1/2 A Control Horns $2.62
DUB108 Du-Bro 2-56 Rod with Spring Steel Kwik Link. $2.62
DUB111 Threaded Couplers 2-56 Threads for 1/16 Rod. 2 pieces $3.17
DUB116 DU-Bro Nylon Hinge. Pack of 6 Hinges. $5.28
DUB117 DU-Bro Nylon Hinge. Pack of 15 Hinges. $10.95
DUB119 Small Nylon Hinge $10.95
DUB120 Control Over-Ride Servo Saver $4.16
DUB121 Du-Bro E/Z Connectors $3.43
DUB123 Du-Bro 2-56 Rod with Nylon Kwik-Link 12" $2.62
DUB137 Du-Bro 1/16" Dura-collars $3.95
DUB138 Du-Bro 3/32"" Dura-collars $3.95
DUB139 Du-Bro 1/8" Dura-collars $3.95
DUB140 Du-Bro 5/32" Dura-collars $3.95
DUB141 Du-Bro 3/16" Dura-collars $3.95
DUB144 Du-Bro 4-40 Threaded Rod 12" $1.95
DUB152 Nose Gear Bent $11.95
DUB153 Nose Gear Straight $10.10
DUB154 Universal Nose Gear Wire 5/32" $4.75
DUB155 Long Steering Arm with Connector $3.65
DUB158 Landing Gear Straps $2.62
DUB163 Foam Tape $4.28
DUB165 Flex Cable 20" $6.15
DUB166 Long Steering Arm Assembly $3.29
DUB167 Bellcranks 90 Degree $2.95
DUB172 2-56" Threaded Rod 12" $1.95
DUB181 2-56 " Threaded Ball Link $4.25
DUB184 2-56" Nylon Kwik Link on 12" Rods. Pack Of 5. $10.10
DUB186 Strip Aileron Ball Link Hook-up $11.55
DUB189 Aileron Horn Wire Ball Links $6.20
DUB192 Fuel Can Cap Fittings $4.95
DUB201 Rigging Couplers $4.95
DUB202 Steel Straps $4.95
DUB203 Kwik Switch Mount $6.86
DUB207 Kwik Switch & Charging Jack $8.95
DUB2262 4-40 Heavy Duty Ball Links 2 Sets $9.45
DUB228 Nylon Mini Kwik Links $2.40
DUB229 Nylon Mini Kwik Links 12", 2-56 Rod $2.62
DUB230 Nylon Mini Kwik Links 12", 2-56 Rod (5) $10.78
DUB2321 3MM Heavy Duty Ball Links 2/Pk $8.95
DUB237 T-Style Nylon Control Horns $2.62
DUB238 1/8" Nylon Landing Gear Straps $3.15
DUB239 5/32" Nylon Landing Gear Strap $2.95
DUB241 Bolt-On Pressure Fitting $3.95
DUB256 1/4-20" x2" Heavy Duty Wing Bolt Set $5.48
DUB259 4-40 Heavy Duty Ball Link $4.75
DUB300 1/4 Scale Turnbuckles $21.95
DUB302 Threaded Rod Ends $8.95
DUB306 4-40 Kwik Link with 12" Rod $3.57
DUB334 Kwik-Fill Fueling Valve GLOW $29.95
DUB335 Kwik-Fill Fueling Valve Gas $33.45
DUB336 Threaded Couplers 4-40 Threads. 2 pieces $4.18
DUB339 Fueling Probe $3.63
DUB340 In-Line Fuel Filter $7.15
DUB341 Large Scale In-Line Fuel Filter $8.15
DUB345 Epoxy Brushes (6) $3.99
DUB346 Mix it Stix (25) $3.54
DUB366 Large Scale T-Style Control Horns $5.35
DUB367 2-56" Swivel Ball Link $4.25
DUB368 2mm Swivel Ball Link $4.25
DUB375 Tailwheel Bracket (.40) $5.70
DUB376 Tailwheel Bracket (.60) $6.34
DUB377 Tailwheel Bracket 1/4 Scale $7.66
DUB378 12" Fully Threaded Rod 2-56 $3.45
DUB379 12" Fully Threaded Rod 4-40 $3.95
DUB441 Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment $11.30
DUB489 Heavy Duty E/Z Connector Steel $4.28
DUB490 Heavy Duty 4-40 E/Z Connector Steel $4.95
DUB493 Adjustable Control Horn $5.95
DUB517 2-56 Pull/Pull System $14.45
DUB518 4-40 Pull/Pull System $17.62
DUB539 8-32 Pressure Fitting $4.03
DUB595 1/16" Plated Brass Dura-Collar $10.95
DUB596 3/32" Plated Brass Dura-Collar $10.95
DUB597 1/8" Plated Brass Dura-Collars $10.95
DUB598 5/32" Plated Brass Dura-Collar $10.95
DUB599 3/16" Plated Brass Dura-Collar $10.95
DUB600 2-56 Spring Steel Kwik Links $16.63
DUB601 4-40 Spring Steel Kwik Links (12 pack) $23.95
DUB602 Nylon Kwik Links for 2-56 $10.10
DUB605 E/Z Connector with Re-usable Nylon Snap-on $21.95
DUB608 Kwik Grip E/Z Connector $4.25
DUB617 Fuel Line Plugs $2.66
DUB633 T-Style Tap Handle $14.57
DUB665 4-Stroke Throttle Linkage $11.75
DUB677 Fuel Line Clips, Medium (4) $3.47
DUB693 2mm Threaded Rods (12") $1.76
DUB695 Threaded Couplers 2mm Threads. 2 pieces $3.27
DUB696 Engine Exhaust Deflector .20-.34 $7.99
DUB697 Exhaust Deflector .3-.90 $8.95
DUB701 4-Way Socket Wrench $15.99
DUB799 3 Ft. 3/32" (Medium) Tygon Tubing (Gas) $9.41
DUB850 Micro Aileron System $11.95
DUB851 Micro BellCrank System $2.95
DUB853 Micro Tail Skid $2.95
DUB854 Micro-Tail Wheel Bracket $2.71
DUB925 Hatch Latch $6.95
DUB955 Semi-scale Tail Wheel System .20-.60 $24.42
DUB956 Semi-scale Tail Wheel System .40-.90 $29.85
DUB957 Semi-scale Tail Wheel System 60-120 $34.95
DUB958 6-32 Fully Threaded Rod $4.03