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Du-Bro Products Click here for Sullivan products

We are just starting to take on Du-Bro and Sullivan products as a courtesy to our customers who have asked us to do so. We sell them here at retail shop prices. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the Super discounts that we do on all other RTL merchandise.

However, the dollar amount of Sullivan and Du-bro products in your basket will count towards your order total for coupon purposes. As an example: If you purchased $25 of Sullivan and/or Du-bro products plus $75 of "other items" your order total would be $100 and you would receive 25% off the "other items" in your basket! You can use coupon code NY25 as mentioned on our Store Front page. Plus, we may have saved you a trip to the store.

Du-Bro Products

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Code Name   Price Quantity
DUB105 Large Nylon Horns $1.69
DUB108 Du-Bro 2-56 Rod with Spring Steel Kwik Link. $1.69
DUB116 DU-Bro Nylon Hinge. Pack of 6 Hinges. $3.87
DUB121 Du-Bro E/Z Connectors $2.57
DUB123 Du-Bro 2-56 Rod with Nylon Kwik-Link 12" $1.69
DUB137 Du-Bro 1/16" Dura-collars $2.69
DUB138 Du-Bro 3/32"" Dura-collars $2.69
DUB139 Du-Bro 1/8" Dura-collars $2.69
DUB140 Du-Bro 5/32" Dura-collars $2.69
DUB141 Du-Bro 3/16" Dura-collars $2.69
DUB144 Du-Bro 4-40 Threaded Rod 12" $1.49
DUB155 Long Steering Arm with Connector $2.65
DUB158 Landing Gear Straps $1.69
DUB165 Flex Cable 20" $3.95
DUB166 Long Steering Arm Assembly $2.55
DUB172 2-56" Threaded Rod 12" $1.49
DUB181 2-56 " Threaded Ball Link $2.89
DUB184 2-56" Nylon Kwik Link on 12" Rods. Pack Of 5. $7.52
DUB192 Fuel Can Cap Fittings $3.79
DUB207 Kwik Switch & Charging Jack $5.99
DUB237 T-Style Nylon Control Horns $1.69
DUB238 1/8" Nylon Landing Gear Straps $1.89
DUB239 5/32" Nylon Landing Gear Strap $1.89
DUB259 4-40 Heavy Duty Ball Link $3.89
DUB306 4-40 Kwik Link with 12" Rod $2.35
DUB340 In-Line Fuel Filter $4.95
DUB367 2-56" Swivel Ball Link $2.85
DUB375 Tailwheel Bracket (.40) $3.80
DUB376 Tailwheel Bracket (.60) $4.95
DUB608 Kwik Grip E/Z Connector $2.90
DUB609 Kwik Grip E/Z Connector Wrench $2.70
DUB256 1/4-20" x2" Heavy Duty Wing Bolt Set $4.29
DUB103 Strip Aileron Horn Connectors $2.79
DUB107 1/2 A Control Horns $1.69
DUB117 DU-Bro Nylon Hinge. Pack of 15 Hinges. $7.79
DUB120 Control Over-Ride Servo Saver $3.25
DUB152 Nose Gear Bent $7.52
DUB493 Adjustable Control Horn $3.95