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Servo Mounting Screws ...The Screw With A Million Uses!

"I build and fly large turbine jets exclusively, therefore need to trust that hardware is of high quality and reliability and I usually need a lot of it. Your products fit the requirements perfectly best regards and thanks for the prompt service." Jeff Sparkes.. Sydney, Australia

RTL Fasteners is the leading worldwide distributor for Servo Mounting Screws and Button Head Self Tapping Screws. We ship to hobbyists and dealers around the world every day! This hardware is of the highest quality hardened steel with zinc coating. You can apply significant torque without stripping or twisting the head!

These are the most popular screws in model building. The "screw with a million uses" just got more useful! Check out the new sizes now available.

  Servo Mounting Screws (Self Tapping) Socket Head/Washer Head, Zinc Plated
            ("The Screw with a Million Uses")

 This screw has become a widely used fastener in model building. It really does have a million uses!  You can mount your servos, but also great for canopies, cowls, hatches, landing gear straps and much  more. It has a self-contained washer that completely covers the servo grommets and acts as a normal  washer on other applications. It has a deep non-slip socket head that takes a 5/64 hex (Allen wrench) or Ball Driver.

We carry all the popular sizes. With them, you can do most any job. Both the #2x7/16" and the #2x9/16" work well for most servo applications. The #2x9/16" is the most popular size, and is the size of Du-Bro and other popular brands. The #2x7/16" is very versatile; it's slightly shorter length makes it suitable for many applications, in addition to servo mounting, it can be used on cowls, canopies, hatches, etc.

Also, we are exclusive dealers of the #2x5/16:
The shorter #2x5/16" works great for attaching cowls, canopies, etc. on small and mid-size planes. It's a great all purpose short screw for many jobs, including for small servo installation. As model builders, we are often working with a thin piece of plastic, fiberglass or wood and we just don't need a longer screw. Very handy in the shop and at the field!

We also carry the #3's when a slightly larger screw is needed. The #3's will fit standard servo grommets and are often used with today's more powerful servos or just added security with standard servos. They are also great for many other tasks, such as landing gear straps, etc.

After entering the number of packages that you want for each item, simply click the "Add To Basket" button.

Note: As you will see below, we now have Bulk Packaging on the most popular size Servo Screws. (1,000 pieces per pack).

Please click here if you prefer a Phillips Head Servo Mounting Screw

The below Servo Screws are made to uncompromising standards. They are hardened to prevent stripping or twisting of the head, even with the appplication of considerable torque. Perfect for the demands of remote control aircraft and other UAV projects.


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Code Name   Price Quantity
5745 Servo Mounting Screw Assortment $29.95
BWSS Bonded Washer and Servo Mounting Screw Set $50.00
581 #2x5/16" Servo Mounting Screws...24pcs   $2.95
581-100 #2x5/16" Servo Mounting Screws...100pcs   $6.14
581578 #2x5/16" Servo Mounting Screws...1,000pcs Bulk Package   $52.90
582 #2x7/16" Servo Mounting Screws...24pcs.   $3.23
582-100 #2x7/16" Servo Mounting Screws... 100 pcs.   $6.59
582435 #2x7/16" Servo Mounting Screws... 1,000 pcs Bulk Package.   $55.20
583 #2x9/16" Servo Mounting Screws...24pcs   $3.36
583-100 #2x9/16" Servo Mounting Screws... 100 pcs.   $6.65
583744 #2x9/16" Servo Mounting Screws... 1,000 pcs Bulk Package.   $56.35
584 #3x7/16" Servo Mounting Screws...24pcs   $3.36
584-50 #3x7/16" Servo Mounting Screws...50pcs   $5.12
584372 #3x7/16" Servo Mounting Screws...1,000pcs Bulk Package   $87.40
585 #3x5/8" Servo Mounting Screws...24pcs.   $3.39
585-50 #3x5/8" Servo Mounting Screws...50pcs.   $5.18
585433 #3x5/8" Servo Mounting Screws...1,000 pcs Bulk Package   $89.95

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