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Socket Screws Black Alloy
Socket Screws Stainless

Nuts....Standard Zinc

Nuts....Metric Zinc
Nuts ....Standard Stainless
Nuts....Metric Stainless

Washers....Standard Zinc
Washers....Metric Zinc
Washers....Standard Stainless
Washers....Metric Stainless

Wedge-Lock Locking Washers


SELF TAPPING (Pointy Screws)
  all head styles

NYLON Hardware

Rubber Backed Bonded Washers

Servo Horn (Arm) Screws

Threaded Inserts for Wood

Metric Button Socket Screws
Du-Bro Products
Sullivan Products

Metric Set Screws<br>
</P>STAINLESS Assortments
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#5000 Suggested layout

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Stainless Metric Socket Heads
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Socket Set Screws</P>
Socket Screws Stainless
Socket Head Cap Screws
Socket Button Screws
Socket Flat Head (Countersink)
Metric Flat Hd. (countersink) Skts
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Black Oxide Self-tapping Kits
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        Servo Mounting Screws... (The Screw With A MIllion Uses)

2,232 pieces.
Master Assortment #5000
MSRP $387.00, RTL Reg. $285.00 $142.50 with Coupon SU50

1,014 pieces
Complete Metric Assortment #992
MSRP $215.00, RTL Reg. $172.44 86.22 with Coupon SU50

1,124 pieces
Stainless Steel Assortment Plus bonus assortment!
MSRP $234.00, RTL Reg. $179.95 $89.98 with Coupon SU50

1,044 pieces
Stainless Steel METRIC Assortment Plus bonus assortment!
MSRP $232.00, RTL Reg. $178.53 $89.27 with Coupon SU50

Welcome to RTL Fasteners!

Our phone hours are 9:30 am to 2:00 pm EST Monday to Thursday. Of course, you can always place an order online or send us an email at any time.

Below is our pictorial catalog. Click on the pictures to check out our products:


Wedge-Lock Washers

RTL Fasteners

and much more!

We have been serving the radio control model building community for over 20 years.

Here are 3 suggestions for you if you need a good assortment of often used hardware. Each of the following assortments contain a variety of our most popular fasteners.

Very good $    Assortment #9155. A variety of standard hardware plus 100 Servo Mounting Screws plus 2 Balldrivers.

Better $$     Assortment #1450    and    Metric Hardware Kit #743

Best $$$   Master Assortment #5000     and    Complete Metric Assortment #992

"Second day flying my new plane. It's an Aeroworks Ultimate 50. It has the new DLE-60 twin engine. Super smooth running engine. I replaced almost all the bolts, lock nuts and screws from the spinner to the tail wheel with RTL Fasteners. With a 20 lb plane, I don't trust just any hardware. It needs to stay put and not break. Thanks for putting out a quality product without the inflated cost." Wes Parmeter, Vice President, Brian Ranch Aero Modelers and Team Heliproz pilot.

    Here are a few things we'd like to tell you about us......

* Since we specialize in fasteners, we can offer really super deals and coupon discounts.

* We offer old fashion personal service. Call or send us an email and we will help you.

* We package in logical quantities. In fact, most items come in both a small and large pack, giving you more buying options.

* We offer only high quality hardware....Able to take the stress of engine powered Radio Controlled aircraft

* All merchandise can be returned within 30 days for a refund or store credit.

* Hard to find items are always available

We are very proud of the many hundreds of customer comments that we receive. Here are just two examples:

Jeff, a valued customer in Australia left this note with his order:
"This is the only way to buy hardware, even from the bottom of the other side of the world!!!" I asked Jeff what he meant by that and he replied with the following:

"Hi Rich, the comment reflects that there are very few hobby shops ( nearby at least) , and that they have little specialist stock, in small volume packaging that is quite expensive. I build and fly large turbine jets exclusively, therefore need to trust that hardware is of high quality and reliability and I usually need a lot of it. Your products fit the requirements perfectly best regards and thanks for the prompt service Jeff Sparkes PS. Use the photo as you see fit!"

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