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#R83 Stainless
Here's a nice set of inch size Stainless Steel hardware which centers around the popular size Socket Heads.. Most modelers are constantly looking for these particular sizes. Please note: Hardware comes in clearly labeled zip lock bags ready to be loaded into the adjustable organizers.
Stainless Steel Standard Assortment with 2 organizers
  Quantity in Basket: None
Code: R83
Price: $123.95
2-56, 4-40, 6-32 and 8-32 Stainless Steel Socket Heads plus all matching hardware and two Organizers. Total pieces = 1,124
Retail value $235.00
   RTL Price $123.95

Stainless Steel Fastener Assortment (Standard (SAE) sizes.) 

Please note: we have included a few products in zinc where we did not carry Stainless Steel. This was done to "round out" the assortment with all the hardware that you may need. These exceptions are noted as "zinc", below. All the rest are Stainless Steel.

Stainless Socket Head Cap Screws:

2-56x3/8”              12 pcs.

2-56x1/2”              12 pcs.

2-56x3/4”              12 pcs.

4-40x3/8”              12 pcs.

4-40x1/2”              12 pcs.

4-40x3/4”              12 pcs.

4-40x1”                 12 pcs.

4-40x1-1/4”          12 pcs.

6-32x1/2”              12 pcs.

6-32x3/4”              12 pcs.

6-32x1”                 12 pcs.

6-32x1-1/2"          12 pcs.

8-32x1"                 12 pcs.

8-32x1-1/4"          12 pcs.       

8-32x1-1/2"          12 pcs.

 Lock Nuts

2-56  Zinc               50 pcs

4-40  Stainless       50 pcs.

6-32  Stainless       50 pcs.

8-32  Stainless       50 pcs.


Stainless Hex Nuts

2-56                      50 pcs.

4-40                      50 pcs.

6-32                      50 pcs.

8-32                      50 pcs.

Blind Nuts:

  2-56  Zinc        36 pcs

  4-40  Zinc        36 pcs

  6-32  Zinc        36 pcs

  8-32  Zinc        36 pcs

Stainless Flat Washers

#2                          50 pcs.

#4                          50 pcs.

#6                          50 pcs.

#8                          50 pcs.


Stainless Lock washers 

#2                          50 pcs.

#4                          50 pcs.

#6                          50 pcs.

#8                          50 pcs.

Plus 2, Fully Adjustable, 18 Compartment Organizers.
Total pieces = 1,124