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Button Head Self Tapping (Pointy) Screws Zinc Plated

Much better than ordinary wood screws!
In addition to the Servo Screws, this is the most popular fastener with experienced hobbyists. Used by many modelers for cowls, canopies, etc. The low profile head makes a great appearance,and the Socket Drive is really nice to work with.

It's easy to do a professional job on your cowl, canopy, hatches, etc. The nylon washers will decrease the chances of the screw vibrating out, and will help protect your plastic or fiberglass cowl and canopy from cracking. You can use the free nylon washers with any #2 and #4 size screws.

See details below.

Button Head Socket Drive Self-Tapping Assortment
  Quantity in Basket: None
Code: BH400
Price: $21.95
This enlarged picture shows the #4x1/2"

Button Head Socket Drive Self-Tapping Screws:
    #2x3/8"                             100pcs
    #2x1/2"                             100pcs
    #4x1/2"                             100pcs
    #4x3/4"                             100pcs
    #2 Nylon Washers               50pcs   Free
    #4 Nylon Washers               50pcs   Free